SEA - Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)

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What is SEA-SPIN

SEA-SPIN is an activities of Software Engineers Association (SEA).

Please visit following page to know more about SEA
Here is a brief history about SEA-SPIN. What is SEA-SPIN

We provide overview of SEA and our activities in English.

However, most of documents (including linked one) so far are written in japanese, as we use Japanese in daily life. We are preparing English pages gradually. Be patient please.

Meeting schedule

Monthly meeting schedule (in Japanese)

Meeting report archive

Meeting reports (in Japanese mostly)

International Events

Symposium on Software Process Improvement in Japan

See SPI related links also.

Comments, questions or suggestions SEA SPIN coordinatos to: office (at) sea (dot) jp

Comments, questions or suggestions about SEA to: office (at) sea (dot) jp

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