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                       Call for Participation

    International Workshop on Future Software Technology 2005

               November 8 - 10, 2005 in Shanghai

                      Co-sponsored by
               SEA (Japan) and UNU-IIST (Macau)

                    In cooperation with
          Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission

SEA (Software Engineers Association of Japan) has been conducting
A series of annual international technical symposium in China in
cooperation with UNU/IIST (United Nations University's International
Institute for Software Technology) since 1996. It has been titled as
ISFST: International Symposium on Future Software Technology.

This year we have decided to change the operational mode of the
meeting from usual paper-presentation style symposium to discussion-
oriented workshop.

The workshop program will be organized as a set of working group
discussions on pre-selected special topics. The name of the meeting
is also changed from ISFST to IWFST: International WORKSHOP on
Future Software Technology. The new style workshop will be held
in Shanghai in November with a support from Shanghai Municipal
Informatization Commission.

By introducing this change of style, we expect that the participants
will be able to share a unique opportunity of fruitful information
exchange through intensive discussion in the intimate atmosphere
of small working groups.

The purpose of the workshop is to examine recent progresses in
software technology, to exchange various technical and business
information, and to promote the sound industry-academia cooperation
in future. It will be a good place for practitioners, researchers
and educators in software community to discuss about the trend
of business and technology.

Following 8 topics were carefully selected for this year's working
group discussions:

(a) Empirical Software Engineering:

      There are several national projects towards empirical software
      engineering in Japan, Australia, Germany, and USA. This is a kind
      of hot topic in software engineering community now.

(b) Formal Method:

      There have been many R&D efforts in academic community, but not
      yet succeeded to apply their result to real world projects in the
      industry. Discussion will be focused on technology transfer aspect.

(c) Government Policy:

      In each Asia-Pacific country around, there are several so-called
      national initiatives to promote software engineering. Some looks
      successful and some are not. Here we would like to discuss what
      kind of government action will be better to develop sound technology
      and business in future.

(d) New Paradigm for Future:

      It seems necessary to introduce new paradigms for systems development
      in the dynamically changing environment of the Internet age. There
      are some candidates like Product Line Approach, COTS-based development,
      etc. etc. What are the strong or weak points of these new paradigms?

(e) Open Source/Free Software:

      No doubt, this is one of the hot topics in our times. There are many
      things to be discussed to support development and use of OS/F software
      in future. Already China-Japan-Korea government are planning to start
      joint effort. Where are they going to?

(f) Project Management:

      This topic has been discussed for long time but still alive and now
      there are more complicated factors to be considered: How to deal
      with shortening development cycle and rapidly changing requirement?
      How to coordinate geographically distributed project in outsourcing
      situation? etc. etc.

(g) Quality/Testing:

      Quality assurance became more important as many software products
      came into our daily life. Also, it is an important problem how to
      assure the quality of evolving software systems, which are running
      on variety of hardware devices inter-connected via network.

(h) Software Process:

      In the industry, there are strong interests on software process
      improvement framework like CMM, SPICE, etc. Until now, people's
      interests were focused on management aspects of SPI. But, from
      software engineering viewpoint, technical issues of SPI will
      become more important in future. We need to switch our intention
      somehow. Also, there are great possibilities of application of
      process technology to other domains beside software development.

                How to participate?!!

To achieve a fruitful outcome of the workshop, we are planning to control
the size of discussion group as 10 -15 people for each topic.
We have already accepted about 60 discussants through the first round of
Call-for-Position-Papers. But there are still enough seats to accommodate
more people who are interested in discussion topics listed above.

Attached below is the detailed information about the workshop organization
with registration and hotel reservation forms.

Please join us. We welcome your participation.

                        IWFST-2005 Staffs

                        General Co-Chairs:

                                Dehua JU (ASTI Shanghai, China)
                                Kyochul Kang (POSTECH, Korea)
                                Hideo NAKANO (Osaka City Univ, Japan)

                        Program Co-Chairs:

                                Kouichi KISHIDA (SRA-KTL, Japan)
                                Gihwon KWON (Kyonggi Univ, Korea)
                                Minglu LI (Shanghai Japtong Univ, China)

A. IWFST2005 General Information for Participants

1. Workshop Venue

        Tong Mao Hotel (TMH)
                Main venue for the working group discussion
                We have reserved 8 rooms on the 6th floor.
                Address: 357 Shongling Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China 200122
                Tel: +86-21-5830-0000    Fax: +86-21-5835-2340
                E-mail: tongmaohotel@163.com
                URL: http://www.telehotel.com.cn/

        Shanghai International Conference Center (SICC)
                for Opening & Keynote Session in the morning of Nov 8.
                URL: http://www.shicc.net/index.htm

2. Workshop Schedule

        Nov 7 (Mon)
                Afternoon:      Registration at TMH
                Evening:        Welcome Reception

        Nov 8 (Tue)
                Morning:        Opening & Keynote Session at SICC
                                (move by bus between TMH and SICC)
                Afternoon:      Working Group Discussion at TMH
                Evening:        Banquet at TMH

        Nov 9 (Wed)             Working Group Discussion at TMH

        Nov 10 (Thu)            Working Group Reporting Session at TMH
                                (maybe 2 parallel sessions)

        Nov 11 (Fri)            After Workshop Excursion
                                (visiting small town in the suburb)

3. Handout Material and Proceedings

        For the handout material for working group discussion, we collect
        presentation slides from all participants.

        After the workshop is over, SEA Japan will publish the post-workshop
        proceedings in CD. The contents will be:

                Summary report from each working group with collection of
                    presentation slides used in discussion
                Position papers re-written reflecting the discussion at the


        Please make your registration using IWFST Registration Form until
        Oct 31 (Mon).

        IWFST is a discussion-oriented workshop. So, please prepare your
        slides for presentation at the working group discussion and e-mail
        it to the following address by Oct 31 (Mon). Numbers of slides are
        limited minimum 2 and maximum 6.

        We will compile all the slides to produce handout material for

5. Registration Fee

                Regular: 1,500 RMB
                Student:   750 RMB

                [*] Registration web will be closed on Oct.

          The fee includes a programme with abstracts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners
        (including a banquet), and the after-workshop proceedings.

6. Method of Payment:

                Cash (RMB = Chinese Yuan) only.

        Please pay your workshop fee at registration desk in the lobby of
        Tong Mao Hotel.

7. Lodging

          We have reserved a number of rooms at Tong Mao Hotel.

          Standard room rate is 750 RMB/night, including breakfast.
        If 2 people want to share a twin room, rate for one person is
        375 RMB/night.

          If you want to stay this hotel, please make reservation by sending
        e-mail to the local arrangement staff in ASTI Shanghai until Oct 8
        (Sat) using IWFST2005 Hotel Reservation Form.

          The numbers of reserved rooms are limited. Your request will be
          processed by first-in-first-serve basis.

8. After Workshop Excursion (Optional)

        We are planning to have after-workshop excursion to the neighborhood
        small town on Nov 11 (Fri) to provide opportunity of open-air free
        information exchange among participants.
        Budget plan is now ongoing. Maybe it will be free of charge or need
        to have some additional charge.

9. Need VISA?

        If you need to get entry VISA to China, please send your request to the
        local arrangement: nli@asti.com.cn
        Then you can get a formal invitation letter for VISA.

        For some countries including Japan, you do not need entry VISA for a
        short visit within 2 weeks. Please check at nearby Chinese Embassy.

That's all.

If you have any question please e-mail to: k2@sra.co.jp

B.  Registration Form

        Please complete following form and return it by e-mail to:


        Your e-mail will be automatically forwarded to local arrangement
        staff in Shanghai (also to SEA Office in Japan).

                IWFST 2005 Registration From

Title:  Select one (Prof. Dr. Mr. Ms)
Name:   _____________   _________________       ______________
              (Surname) (First name)    (Middle name)
Sex: (Male, Female)
Passport No.:
Mailing Address:
Tel:                           Fax:

Accompanied Person (if any):

          Name:   _________     ____________    _____________
                  (Surname)     (First name)     (Middle name)
          Passport No.:

Check one of the working groups you selected to join:

        [ ] (a) Empirical Software Engineering
        [ ] (b) Formal Method
        [ ] (c) Government Policy
        [ ] (d) New Paradigm
        [ ] (e) Open Source/Free Software
        [ ] (f) Project Management
        [ ] (g) Quality/Testing
        [ ] (h) Software Process

        If you have already submitted your position paper, please
        prepare presentation slides for working group discussion
        (2-6 slides) and e-mail to:


        If you have not yet submitted your position paper, please
        prepare it in plain text (1 page) or slides (2-6 slides)
        describing your opinion about the discussion topic of the
        selected working group and e-mail it to the address above.

Workshop Fee:

                  [ ] Regular: 1,500 RMB   [ ] Student: 750 RMB

Extra Banquet for Accompanied Persons:

                  [ ] persons * 100 RMB (*Not Fixed Yet*)

       Total Extra Banquet Fee ........ _____ RMB

After Symposium Excursion (Optional);

        Are you interested to join after-symposium excursion?

          Yes [  ]  No [  ]

******************** End of Registration Form ***************

C. IWFST2005 Hotel Reservation Form

        Please complete following form and send it by e-mail to
        Ms. Nan Li of ASTI Shanghai who is take-caring our hotel
        reservation. Her e-mail address is:


        If you want to use Fax, the number is:


        ## Room reservation deadline is ** Oct 8th(Sat) **
        ## Do not miss the date!

                IWFST2005 Hotel Reservation Form

Name:   _________       ____________    _____________
          (Surname)     (First name)    (Middle name)
Sex: (Male, Female)
Passport No.:
Mailing Address:
Tel:                           Fax:

Room type:

        [ ] Single  [ ] Twin

Check-in Date:
Check-out Date:

Room sharing person (in the case of sharing a twin room):

          Name:   _________     ____________    _____________
                  (Surname)     (First name)    (Middle name)
          Sex: (Male, Female)
          Passport No.:

Special Request (If any):

******************** End of Hotel Reservation Form ********************
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