Call for Participation: ISFST2004
International Symposium on Future Software Technology 2004

October 20(Wed) - 22(Fri), 2004
Xian, China

Co-sponsored by
SEA(Japan), UNU/IIST(Macau), Northwest University(Xi'an)
Xi'an Software Engineering Institute

This is the 8-th symposium dedicated to the future software technology,which has been held in China since 1996. It is organized by SEA (Software Engineers Association of Japan), UNU/IIST (International Institute of Software Technology of United Nations University), and the local host academic organizations in China.
This year, Northwest University and Xi'an Software Engineering Institute are our host.
The purpose of the Symposium is to review the recent advances in software technology, to exchange various technical and business information, and to promote the sound industry-academia cooperation in future. It will provide a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers and educators in software community to gather latest information and discuss the trends in the field.

The Symposium at Xian: Oct.20(Wed) - 22(Fri)

At the PC meeting held in Hohhot, inner Mongolia in August, 46 papers and 3 working group session proposals were selected from 119 submissions for technical presentation and 3 proposal submissions.
The symposium features keynote speaker: Professor Kyo-Chul Kang (Pohang Sciences and Technology University at Pohang, Korea). He has been very active in Software Engineering long time. His recent works are in Real-Time Embedded System Development and Software Reuse and Product Line Engineering area.
The unique feature of the ISFST symposium is that the program includes informal but intensive working-group style discussion sessions besides regular paper presentations.

People who are interested in to do poster presentation and tool demonstration, please send your proposal to the following address by Sep. 30 by e-mail at:
About the details, see ["Program Framework."] and ["Detail Program"].

Conference Venue:
CuiYuan in Northwest University
229, Taibaibeilu, Xian 70069 Shaanxi China
Tel:029-88415914, Fax:029-88303511


TangHua Hotel (4 stars) Must be registered by Sep. 20.
40, Yan Yin Road, Da Yan Ta, Xian 710061, Shaanxi, China
Tel: +86-(0)29-526-1111, facsimile: +86-(0)29-526-1998

CuiYuan Guesthouse in Northwest University (NWU)
229, Taibaibeilu, Xian 70069 Shaanxi China
Tel: 029-88415914, Fax: 029-88303511


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